Spring 2017 Quarterly Review

A new issue of the Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy and Practice is now available.We have a number of articles that we hope will be of interest:

  • A piece inspired by the life of Martin Luther King with lots of great ideas for teaching kindness to children.   (You may wish to pass this along to the child care centers and homes that service your campus.)
  • A study that documents that daughters of working mothers complete more years of education, have better careers, higher pay, and more equitable relationships than those raised by stay-at-home mothers. (Sons of working mothers benefit as well in terms of doing more child care and housework.)
  • Helpful ideas to be better rested in “Getting Older, Less Sleep?”  It explores some of the causes of chronic insomnia and gives examples of specific changes you can make to help alleviate this dangerous condition.
  • Mental health professionals will want to read how new technology can help universities deal with depression.  And how meditation can promote positive physical changes in the brain as well as the body.
  • Information in this issue about the exciting keynote speakers and other logistics of the annual CUWFA Conference in Providence, R.I., in May.