Member Spotlight

Wendy NishikawaIn the latest member spotlight, retiring CUWFA member Wendy Nishikawa shares her insights regarding her career and her experience with CUWFA, and offers advice to those continuing on in the work-life field.

This Working Life

Work and Family Researchers NetworkIn the latest post on CUWFA's This Working Life blog, Phyllis Stewart Pires reflects on the presentations and discussions at the recent Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) conference in Washington, DC.

Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy & Practice

CUWFA's Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy and PracticeThe Spring 2018 edition provides strategies and innovative ideas for new work-life practices and policies that you can explore and implement at your institution. This edition takes readers behind the scenes at the 2018 CUWFA Conference to bring you the highlights of the conference sessions and provide you with the tools for finding creative solutions to the challenges facing today’s work-life leaders.


2019 CUWFA Annual Conference