CUWFA Conversation: COVID-19 and Campus Childcare

CUWFA Conversation: COVID-19 and Campus ChildcareModerator Judith Presser from WFD Consulting Inc. facilitated a discussion on COVID-19 and Campus Childcare discussion with three CUWFA panelists (Phyllis Stewart Pires, Sarah Bennett-Astesano, and Jennie McAlpine). Discussion recording, slides, and additional resources now available!

This Working Life Blog: The Happy Workaholic

The Happy Workaholic InterviewIn this featured article from the Spring 2020 issue of CUWFA's Quarterly Review, Marchello Russo and Gabriele Morandin discuss what a happy workaholic is, how they affect the workplace, and how the culture of colleges and universities can encourage people to become happy workaholics.

Spring 2020 Quarterly Review

CUWFA Quarterly ReviewThe Spring 2020 issue of CUWFA's Quarterly Review features an interview with Marcello Russo & Gabriele Morandin about the happy workaholic; important updates from the Board; COVID-19 & Worklife; News from the Field; Call for Submissions for CUWFA on the Cutting Edge; Remote Work Resources; and more!

2020 Virtual Conference