2018-2019 CUWFA Board Nominations

CUWFA Board of Directors ElectionAre you interested in being an integral part of the CUWFA organization? We are looking for three new Board Members. Serving on the board is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of CUWFA, apply your skills and interests, and develop in new areas.

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This Working Life

Flexible Work OptionsIn the latest post on CUWFA's This Working Life blog and excerpt from the Fall 2018 edition of the Quarterly Review, Barbara Roberts discusses a Proposal to Pilot Key Question Protocol for Decision-Making on Employee  Requests for Flexibility or Similar Requests

Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy & Practice

CUWFA's Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy and PracticeThe Fall 2018 edition features an exclusive interview with Dr. Michele Williams, leading expert on building trust in the workplace. Dr. Williams shares a bit of her personal journey and useful tools for work-life leaders to establish positive work environments. Readers will also find strategies for developing inclusive practices in higher education through articles such as “CUWFA Conversation Revisited – REVAMP: An Opportunity for Creativity and Inclusivity” and “What Work-Life Leaders Need to Know about Disability in the Workplace.” And much more!


2019 CUWFA Annual Conference