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CUWFA Conversation CircleMany of us continue to work through the many, complex challenges of re-opening our child care centers, identifying child care resources if centers are not available, and influencing the cultures at our universities to adapt to the lack of child/school-age care options. In order to provide a safe space for CUWFA colleagues to share their burdens/frustrations on these topics, brainstorm ideas, and share best practices, we're scheduling a "conversation circle" on July 9th, 9:00pst/12:00est.

CUWFA Conversation: COVID-19 and Campus Childcare

CUWFA Conversation: COVID-19 and Campus ChildcareModerator Judith Presser from WFD Consulting Inc. facilitated a discussion on COVID-19 and Campus Childcare discussion with three CUWFA panelists (Phyllis Stewart Pires, Sarah Bennett-Astesano, and Jennie McAlpine). Discussion recording, slides, and additional resources now available!

This Working Life Blog: The Happy Workaholic

The Happy Workaholic InterviewIn this featured article from the Spring 2020 issue of CUWFA's Quarterly Review, Marchello Russo and Gabriele Morandin discuss what a happy workaholic is, how they affect the workplace, and how the culture of colleges and universities can encourage people to become happy workaholics.

2020 CUWFA State of the Organization Report