The pandemic has elevated the work-life conversation and highlighted the value that work-life practitioners bring to their respective institutions. As colleges and universities navigate a "return to campus," those in work-life roles are important voices in helping to define a "new normal."

Through formal and information virtual connect opportunities, CUWFA continues to provide support for these voices. 2021 is sure to be a year of challenge and important growth.

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What People Are Saying

"CUWFA provides the most wonderful access to an amazing group of peers --- people who are facing the same issues, challenges, and victories, in the same kind of settings. Everyone "gets it" and is eager to share, advise, or ask questions and also have a good laugh. What  a great group of people to have on your side when what you are doing is unique at your work place."
Amy Rabinowitz, Columbia University
Returning member in 2017

Benefits of Membership

As we respond to demands for resources, content for trainings, vendor comparisons, and leadership guidance, the value of the CUWFA membership collective experience and openness to sharing and support is reinforced.

A peer network like no other.

The CUWFA list-serve continues to buzz with questions and critical benchmarking that provide “real-time” expertise and ideas for members to leverage with their own leadership and stakeholders.

Virtual CUWFA Conversations and Events.

Opportunities to engage with other members, to dive deeply into relevant topics during CUWFA Conversations, and our June “virtual conference.”

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