2019-2022 CUWFA Board Nominations

CUWFA Board of Directors ElectionFour CUWFA members submitted nominations to join the board and shape the future of CUWFA. Cast your vote today and choose up to four (4) candidates to help lead CUWFA during the 2019-2022 Term.

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CUWFA Conversations: Financial Wellness Programs

Financial Wellness PlanningThis CUWFA Conversation focuses on the challenges to implementing, sustaining and evaluating College and University Financial Wellness Programs. Facilitators Susan Abramson of Yale University and Aaronnette McFarlin of Emory University facilitated a discussion on how they developed strategies to support the financial well-being of their faculty and staff.

This Working Life

Flexible Work OptionsIn the latest post on CUWFA's This Working Life blog and excerpt from the Fall 2018 edition of the Quarterly Review, Barbara Roberts discusses a Proposal to Pilot Key Question Protocol for Decision-Making on Employee  Requests for Flexibility or Similar Requests. 

2019 CUWFA Annual Conference