New Book Offers Useful Tools for Work-Life Leaders

Zoltan Vadkerti and Agnes UhereczkyIn this excerpt from the Spring 2019 issue of Quarterly Review, CUWFA President Phyllis Stewart Pires interviews Zoltan Vadkerti and Agnes Uhereczky, authors of One Life: How organisations can leverage work-life integration to attract talent and foster employee wellbeing.

Spring 2019 Quarterly Review

Quarterly Review of Work/Life Policy and PracticeCheck out this edition of the Quarterly Review for a sneak peek into the CUWFA Annual Conference. Get the inside scoop from keynote speaker, Nora Spinks on the historical roots that have led us to our current work-life climate and learn more about the Deep Dive Sessions. This edition also features an exclusive interview with work-life authors, Zoltan Vadkerti and Agnes Uhereczky.

Expert Spotlight: New Lactation Room Law in NYC

New Lactation Rooms Law New York CityIn the latest Expert Spotlight, Karen Kille breaks down the new law requiring employers to provide lactation rooms for breastfeeding employees and develop a lactation policy specifying the steps for employees to request accommodations for nursing.

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