What People Are Saying About CUWFA

"CUWFA provides the most wonderful access to an amazing group of peers --- people who are facing the same issues, challenges, and victories, in the same kind of settings. Everyone "gets it" and is eager to share, advise, or ask questions and also have a good laugh. What  a great group of people to have on your side when what you are doing is unique at your work place."
Amy Rabinowitz, Columbia University
Returning member in 2017

"As a new work/life practitioner, my membership was essential to my understanding of the field. CUWFA has been an invaluable network of national experts; a wealth of resources on every aspect of work/life and wellness within higher education; a key source of peer benchmarking and best practices; and a vital sounding board and source of inspiration."
Lesley Lundeen, Northwestern University
Member since 2014

"My predecessor was a member of CUWFA and the first things he recommended for the new person filling her role was that they join CUWFA to connect with like minded colleagues. I am so glad I did. As a department of 1, it was so helpful to have people with the same heart and passion as I do. Personally, I  have been able to develop true and authentic friendships as an added bonus. I am so thankful for this network of leaders who lead with their heart."
Elisa Salazar
Grand Valley State University
Member since 2018

"I was one year into the Work/Life field when my institution came under national scrutiny over it slow rate of women in senior faculty ranks. The annual – and my first – CUWFA conference took place a month later. I left it with my head full of more relevant information than I could digest over three days, and a whole new network of generous colleagues who continued to induct me as I learned on the job, and my University weathered the storm. Work/Life emerged from the shadows in to the spotlight, and has been seen as a critical resource to faculty ever since. CUWFA has been by far the most helpful professional association I have ever belonged to."
Nancy Costikyan
Harvard University
Member since 2004