Call for Proposals - SESSIONS / WORKSHOP

From Culture Carriers to Changemakers: Leveraging the Work/Life Lens

June 20, 2023 2023
Annual CUWFA Conference
Airlie, American University

Warrenton, Virginia

Over the past 3 years, work/life concerns have increasingly taken center stage in national conversations regarding all aspects of society, from sustainability to DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging), mental health, hybrid work, and what it means to take a whole-person approach in the workplace. Now more than ever, our expertise is seen as crucial to the employee experience, to personal thriving, and to sustainable and equitable culture change. As we consider our work going forward, how can we leverage our positions to foster meaningful change at our institutions and throughout higher education? How can we advocate for a more inclusive and holistic notion of care, community and connection? And how can we partner with fellow CUWFA members, researchers and policy makers to address the systemic factors nationwide that have such a profound impact on each of our communities locally?

Our 2023 conference aims to address these questions through a series of keynote speakers, panels and breakout discussions, held at American University’s Airlie retreat.

Session/Workshop Guidelines

We are looking for 45-60 minute sessions or workshops.

SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATIONS WILL ADDRESS THE CONFERENCE THEME AND QUESTIONS: as well as innovative developments, best practices, and the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to enable Work-Life professionals to integrate their work into higher education to help lead and grow organizations that are vital, dynamic and responsive. Collaborations across institutions are highly encouraged and vendors are required to submit joint proposals with a CUWFA member organization. Work-Life practitioners, researchers, human resource professionals, women’s commissions, faculty, staff and students are welcome to submit proposals.



  • A short title
  • An abstract that includes session goals (between 250-350 words)
  • Presenter bios (100 words per person) Your proposal should be clear and concise. Reviewers will look favorably upon proposals that:
  • Offer theories, research findings, practical models, and/or strategies that reflect one of the conference theme/subthemes and have proven effective
  • Are innovative and interactive
  • Identify the intended audience and goals for the session (including what attendees will gain from going to the session)


  • Clarity and coherence of submission
  • Relevance and usefulness to the intended audience, e.g.:
    • Specific practical sessions (e.g., problem-solving, implementation, etc.)
    • Research-based/data-driven sessions
  • Presentation approach and level of participant engagement in the session 
  • Contribution to scholarship and research and/or new innovative practice(s) in the Work-Life arena
  • Relevance to the conference theme (a literal/linear connection is not required)
  • Overall quality of proposal
  • Extent to which proposal captures emerging trends in research and practice
  • Extent to which process, project, or innovation can be replicated or modified by other post-secondary institutions

Please understand that because of our limited time together and our goal of providing a diversity of thoughtful sessions, a proposal may satisfy conference criteria, but it may not be selected due to the limited number of scheduled workshops.

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL AND DIRECT QUESTIONS TO: conferencepro[email protected].