Zenab Pathan
  1. What is your role regarding work-life at Ryerson University?
    In my capacity as the Strategic Lead on Immigration and Relocation at the University, I manage a team, and serve the needs of our employees in a number of areas related to relocation and settlement in Toronto and at Ryerson University. I provide support with spousal employment, housing, school and childcare options, resources for eldercare, and many other important aspects of working and living in Toronto.

  2. What do you like most about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?
    My role is fairly new and in a state of evolution and I have had lots of opportunities to build networks and partnerships. In the course of collaborating with counterparts at other institutions and with various service providers in public and private sectors, I have found such wonderful people and inspiring stories
    that have contributed immensely to my growth and job satisfaction. I have been humbled by people's generosity to share knowledge and resources and to come together as a larger community of people all working towards a common good.

  3. What’s something you like to do when you aren’t at work; what do you do off the clock?
    I love to read, cook, go bike riding with the family and vacation in the Caribbean.

  4. Why did you join CUWFA?
    I feel truly privileged to be a part of CUWFA. I know that I will learn and expand my horizon immensely by collaborating with such experienced and enthusiastic folks. Ryerson University has been on the path of growth and as we continue to expand our campus and our programs, I am confident that the CUWFA community will be an invaluable resource to us on work life matters and I hope that I am also able to contribute by bringing our unique experience and perspective.

Zenab PathanPathan has a Bachelors in Employment Relations and a Masters in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, both from the University of Toronto, where she also worked for 9 years before joining Ryerson University 9 years ago. She has experience in the areas of labour and employee relations, and in 2015 began her journey in her current role. She also belongs to a network of universities within Canada and serves on the Board of Trustees for an all-girls school in Toronto.

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