Toolkit for Work-Life Websites

CUWFA’S Toolkit for Work-Life Websites offers practical tips for improving your institution’s work-life website. Join CUWFA now to access the full toolkit and discover:

  • 10 Steps to Making a Great Website.
  • Characteristics of “great” work-life web sites.
  • Screen shots from work-life websites demonstrating best practices.
  • Guidelines to follow regarding navigation, content, design, layout, providing user benefit, and identifying and catering to your audience.
  • Resources for further information.
  • Data compiled from the survey and identification of some of the best work-life websites.
  • The executive summary of the grant that developed the Toolkit.
  • If your institution was included in the survey, find out how to access your institution’s website assessment and technical report from the survey.


More About the Toolkit

During the fall of 2011, CUWFA began the work on our grant from the Sloan Foundation entitled “College and University Work-Life Websites: Helping Campuses Get from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’.” The goal of the project was to develop recommendations and resources for effective college and university work-life websites by identifying best practices in site layout, design and content from campuses across the nation. Data was collected and analyzed from 340 higher education work-life websites, including those of all CUWFA members.

Specifically, the research and work undertaken was:

  1. the exploration of work-life websites of North American and Canadian colleges and universities, mapping common strengths and weaknesses in both layout and content;
  2. the identification and characterization of best practices in site layout and content; and
  3. the compilation and dissemination of an online resource (toolkit) for colleges and universities to facilitate development or improvement of work-life web sites.

The outcomes of this grant project foster a culture supportive of work-life balance/effectiveness of their faculty, staff, and students-across the life -- and career --course.